About Us


You think it… We write it

We at “Alef Ya” promise to take care of all your textual needs whether authoring original

content, interpreting, translating, copywriting, editing or proofreading.

With our team of experienced and highly qualified experts our guarantee is delivering

professional, accurate and timely services tailored to our clients' needs and taking into

consideration any cultural, social, professional, contextual specifications.

We realize we live in a globalised world where media is a dominant and often decisive factor

in decision making and trend-setting. This is why we pride ourselves on having a team of

experts from different cultural and professional backgrounds, spread over different locations

around the world to ensure convenient delivery regardless our clients' time zones.

Our rates catalogue is carefully calculated and researched to ensure you get the optimal

quality and value for money.

Our team of experts offers services in Arabic/English/French/ Russian/Polish.

We also provide sworn translation in both Arabic, English and Polish languages.