Our Services

Creative Writing

Wording is our passion. Our talented and creative team has a long experience in writing

about different topics such as editorial content, lsiticles, reviews, social media content,

advertorials, native advertising content and script writing.

Whether in Arabic or English, our talented team is ready to create original content which

focuses on your needs.

We are also experts in creating digital content. Writing for the web has its own rules and

guidelines. Our experienced team promises to deliver original and creative content which is

in line with those rules to maximize the content’s visibility on the web and on search




Our approach to translation transcends the “word to word” approach. We look at translation

as form of literature, where high quality and accuracy take center stage. Our research-based

approach allows us to gain a better comprehension of the content at hand and provides us

with a 360 degrees view, which guarantees accurate translation without room for error or


Our dedication for translation is deeply rooted in our profound appreciation for languages,

especially the Arabic language and its beautiful rhythmic vocabulary. We approach

translation the same way we approach a jigsaw puzzle, moving between the different words

until we find the perfect fit that would make the perfect sense.


PR Content

From our experience in writing, translating and editing for different magazines, we are able

to customize any press release to make it look like an editorial story rather than just an

cliché press release which makes it more appealing to the editors to feature in their

publications and guarantees coverage for the client.

You tell us what you want to say, and we will deliver your bespoke message in the most

eloquent and unique way possible. Our writers can create tailor-made press releases

suitable for offline and online media. We also take into consideration SEO and social media

guidelines when creating press releases that will appear on the web.


Social Media Content

In today’s digital world, having a strong presence on social media is a must to succeed in

almost any business. Alef Ya team can help you achieve an impactful presence on different

social media platform through creative and effective content.


Other Services:

Proof reading