Creative Content

No boring stuff! We promise you. We know how people consume content both online and offline and we are good at creating it!

Translation Services

No Google Translate! Our translation services are done by humans for humans! With over 20+ of experience we are your most trusted partner for translation and localization

PR and Marketing Content

From classic press releases to engaging social media content to clever advertorials, we are always ready to help you with your PR and marketing material.

Content Localization

For our partners who operate in the GCC and MENA regions we offer our content localization service.

Social Media Content

We will assist you in creating impactful social media content which resonates with your target audience and delivers on your goals.

Editorial Content and Article Writing

Our background in journalism makes us your most trusted partner in creating editorial content and article writing.

Our 3 "C"s


We approach any text, idea or project with high curiosity... we research, we ask questions, we look at it from different angles. We are curious about the latest trends and news in all the fields we cover. In the words of the late Steve Jobs we will always “stay hungry, stay foolish”!


Original content is what we love to create, all day, every day! Just like fingerprints, our ideas are individual, inimitable and unique, because we know that every client has an exceptional story that needs to be told in the most creative and original way possible.


Keeping our credibility at all times in everything we do is key in maintaining our reputation as a trusted and reputable content agency. Being credible and consistent enables us to deliver unparalleled services and build long-lasting partnerships with our client based on trust, respect and a strong sense of communication.

Expertise by Industry

We are proud to say that we are experts in creating genuine, original and clever content for these specific industries. We look forward to help you increase your audience, reach your sales goals or improve the visibility of your brand by telling your story in the most creative, authentic and effective way possible.

Alef Ya Industries
01.Magazines and Publishing Houses
We provided and continue to provide countless articles, advertorials and editorial content in Arabic and English for many online and offline magazines and publishing houses. Many of our SEO friendly articles have gone viral due to their shareability, carefully thought content and adherence to the client’s needs.
02.Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Brands
Through our tailormade content we succeeded in connecting our clients in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries with their intended audience in a clever, honest and engaging way. From product descriptions and reviews to blog posts and advertorials, there is nothing we don’t enjoy writing about!
03.Websites and Digital Content
Our talented team has helped many businesses in developing and creating their entire web content from A to Z! Populating your web pages with customized digital content that accurately describes your company, services and brand ethos are what we can help you create!
04.Marketing and PR Companies
For many years we provided leading marketing agencies and PR companies in Dubai and the region with translation services from Arabic to English and vice versa, and assisted them with creating on-point marketing content for their campaigns, press releases, brochures, social media pages and more.
05.E-commerce Platforms
Creating fully curated digital content from A to Z for our E-commerce clients is one of our favorite things to do! We successfully created, translated, customized, adapted, proof-read and localized digital content for several high-profile E-commerce platforms in the region and we look forward to help you next!
06.Hotels, Hospitality and Travel Businesses
We love helping our clients in the hospitality and travel industries create engaging content for their magazines, websites, social media platforms and marketing tools. Our team can write tailormade content to beautifully describe your hotel, your tantalizing spa services, your mouth-watering menu and your outstanding hospitality!
07.Art Galleries and Exhibitions
From writing museum brochures to translating biographies of international artists, we enjoy creating content for our clients in the art and exhibition industry and adding a touch of creativity to the art hub in Dubai and the region.
08.Government and Public Institutions
We proudly provided translation and content writing services to several government businesses and public institutions in the UAE. Our team has helped many official offices with creating precise and carefully worded content for books, presentations, press releases, websites and much more.
09.Sports Businesses
Writing sport content is something we enjoy doing! We love working with sports magazines, brands and personalities to create fun, informative and engaging content.
10.Advertising Agencies
From writing tag lines for TV and social media ads to customizing advertorial content, we have helped and continue to help top advertising agencies in the Middle East by creating compelling and intelligent content for their campaign, clients and intended audience.

We are a creative content agency.

We love playing with words, telling stories and collaborating with other creative minds to spread intelligent, thoughtful and enjoyable content  

Free consultation for your project

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