Alef Yaa Services

Content Localization

For our partners who operate in the GCC and MENA regions we offer our content localization service. Whether you are an international fashion brand who wants to appeal to Saudi costumers through localized web or marketing content or a hotel looking to attract more clients from the UAE, or a subtitling and dubbing house who wants to translate FRIENDS into Shami (levant) accent we can help you do all of that and more!

Why are we awesome at localizing content you ask? Because our team comes from different countries including Syria, KSA, UAE, Egypt and UK, we lived and worked for many years in cities like London, Dubai, Riyadh and Damascus. We binge-watched American and British shows as much as we binge-watched Ramadan series. And we can talk, write (and possibly dream) in many different Arabic and English dialects! This multicultural background enables us to understand and appreciate the characteristics of these different Arabic and Western cultures and the subtle nuances between them, which is ideal for creating precise, region-specific content to allow you to engage with your targeted audience in their own tongue!

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