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How do you translate words and phrases like “Kitsch”, “FOMO” and “It’s raining cats and dogs” without LITERALLY getting lost in translation? Or how do you translate a poem written in Nabati dialect (Bedouin Arabic) and still make it rhyme in English? Yes, you could use Google Translate and risk sounding like an out-of-tune robot and confuse your audience ORRR you could hire us to help you!

Looking for English to Arabic translation service in Dubai or other cities? Or maybe Arabic to English? Or perhaps you want some help from talented book translators. whatever your translation requirements are we are ready to assist you and translate English to Arabic for you and vice versa.

At Alef Yaa we don’t just line up words next to each other and call it “translation”. Our 20+ years of experience in translation form English to Arabic and vice versa makes us your most trusted partner for translation and localization. We approach any text with extreme curiosity and attention to details. We research the topic, the names, the background, the intended audience! We make the text SEO friendly, we honor the integrity and authenticity of the original story, and we do our absolute best to inject life and style into the translated text to make it as interesting and enjoyable to read as the original one.

We are proud to say that we are the preferred Arabic / English translation services partner for a number of government entities, PR and marketing agencies, e-commerce platforms, magazines, publishing houses, international hotels, fashion designers and luxury brands in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Jeddah and the rest of the GCC and Middle East.  

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